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Midwest Furfest Virtual Table!

Midwest Furfest Virtual Table, Livestreaming, and Last Minute Sale!

Virtual Dealer's Table

I got accepted to the Midwest Furfest Virtual Dealers' Den! It's so fantastic that they are having a virtual event after so much has been cancelled this year! I'm so grateful I could participate! Check out the cool programming that they have put together here. And don't forget to look up the other dealers here while you are at it!

Live streaming on IG

In order to make the dealers' den a little more interactive, the staff suggested that we, the dealers, do some livestreaming over the course of the weekend. I'll be streaming on Instagram. Give me a follow if you don't already @zoolliewoollie and tune in this weekend!

  • Friday December, 18th: 9 pm-10 pm Eastern time

  • Saturday December, 19th: 1 pm-2 pm & 6 pm-7 pm Eastern time

  • Sunday December, 20th: 3 pm-4 pm Eastern time

Feel free to ask me questions! I'll be happy to answer them during the livestreams!

Last Minute Sale!

Also, I have a little last minute sale happening. Catch some pretty sweet year end deals in honor of the occasion! Sale ends Monday so don't delay!

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