Wool, Naturally

Part of what makes Zoollie Woollie woollies so special is the wool I use to make them. I've gone the extra mile to make sure my wool is sourced from farms that take excellent care of their animals, where they raise their creatures in a humane and sustainable way.


The sheep are responsibly and sustainably raised by farmers who take pride in their high standard of animal husbandry.



How It's made

What's it called?

I use a technique called Needle Felting to create soft sculpture.

Needle Felting is the process of interlocking fibers with a special notched needle. It takes tens of thousands of pokes just to make one woollie sculpture!


How's it done?

Start with a fluff of wool and a special felting needle. Poke the wool with the needle to shape.

Keep poking... Continue shaping... Add color and details. 

Poke until finished!


A beautiful  needle felted woollie just for you!